Step 1 – Delivery of the original image

The first step in creating embroidery is receiving the original image from the client. It usually is a jpg or pdf file, but we’re happy to work with drawings… or just ideas!

Step 2 – Creating the digitized version

The image is punched in a file, also known as the digitized version, which is readable by the machines. Given the nature of this specific job, and the amount of time and resources necessary, this step has usually a cost.

Step 3 – Setting up the machine

The file is registered in the machines computer, parameters, supports, colours and materials are selected.

Step 4 – Creating the embroidery

Following the outline provided by the digitized version, the machine weave the threads, and give birth to the final embroidered product.

Step 5 – Embroidered products

The chosen embroidery can be woven on various kinds of products, from caps to promotional clothing, from work-wear to fashion garments, and various accessories.